About MyAccount

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What is MyAccount?

MyAccount is the online service for DVA's customers and their representatives.

You can use MyAccount to view information on your entitlements and benefits, make changes to your circumstances and request services.

What is the Veterans' Login Service?

Veterans' Login Service is a special online "login" method only available for clients of DVA using MyAccount.

Accessing Government Services Online

Most Government services provide online access to personal data that must be kept secure and private.  

To use Government online services, you first need to prove your identity and then receive a secure connection (authentication) to access your personal records.

Some agencies use an authentication service called myGov – myGov allows users the ability to connect multiple government agency online services to a single myGov account. Already, over 26,000 DVA clients have successfully used myGov to access MyAccount, however, many clients who are not used to managing their affairs online have reported finding myGov a little hard to use.

Introducing a Veterans-only login service

To resolve this, DVA has created the special online login method 'Veterans’ Login Service' for DVA clients to log in to their ‘DVA Account’.

How do I use Veterans' Login Service (VLS)?

Registering VLS for the first time:

To register for the new MyAccount access you will need the Username and password you received by letters.

If you did not receive these letters you need to ring DVA on 133 254 (metro) or FreeCall 1800 555 254 (regional callers) to request a Username and password. The DVA officer will first verify your identity.

Once registered, use VLS to access MyAccount:

  1. In your internet browser type myaccount.dva.gov.au
  2. Click the 'Login' button
  3. Under 'DVA Account' (left side) enter your Username and password
  4. Start using MyAccount

Click here to register for MyAccount

Can I still use myGov to log in?

Veterans’ Login Service (VLS) provides you with choice as to how you access DVA online services.

DVA is committed to the Whole of Government approach to making online a core service channel.  Key to this is using myGov for authentication.

Using myGov

If you use myGov to access services from DVA, Centrelink, ATO and other Government agencies you can still use myGov to access MyAccount.

Using Veterans' Login Service

If you use only DVA services you may prefer just to use Veterans' Login Service. It's your choice which authentication service you use.

What kinds of things can I do in MyAccount?

Within MyAccount DVA clients can view their personal information, update information and manage their medical transport.

View personal information

  • Payments
  • Entitlements
  • Benefits
  • Contact information

Update information

  • Update contact details
  • Plan commemorations
  • Update representatives
  • Notify of Overseas Travel
  • Request a replacement card
  • Lodge claims for payment or benefit requests
  • Book medical transfer
  • Claim travel expenses
  • Update transport preferences
  • Lodge a review or appeal
  • Change payment destination
  • Request a Lump Sum Advance (Nov 14)

Manage Transport

  • Book a car with a driver for medical transport
  • Claim reimbursement of medical travel expenses

Click here to register for MyAccount